About the Materials International Space Station Experiment Facility

Alpha Space Provides Affordable, Unparalleled Space Environment Testing and Exposure

MISSE On-Orbit: Watch a MISSE Carrier Installation and Operation
Alpha Space Founder Discussing MISSE and CASIS Partnership

Currently on MISSE: MISSE-9 Science

The Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) Flight Facility is a commercially-available materials research facility at the ISS. MISSE offers unprecedented access to space, unparalleled pure science testing, and all at an affordable cost.

A variety of industries can benefit from testing on MISSE, including:
  • Advanced Manufacturing - UV material impact studies
  • Automotive - UV material impact studies; Paint studies
  • Aeronautics - Aircraft; Flight hardware; Coatings; Solar cell
  • Energy - Solar cell calibration; UV impact studies; Component endurance
  • Space - Spacecraft; Flight hardware; Astronaut clothing and protection
  • Transportation - UV material impact studies; Heat studies

Types of testing available to you on MISSE include:

  • Atomic oxygen
  • Radiation exposure
    • High Energy
    • Low Energy
    • Solar Radiation
  • Vacuum testing
  • Zero gravity
  • Extreme temperatures

Alpha Space’s MISSE facility continues the legacy of NASA’s eight prior MISSE experiments, all of which were integrated by Alpha Space’s current employees.  MISSE 1-8 were each dedicated science missions of limited durations, ending when the samples returned to earth.  Alpha Space’s MISSE, in contrast, is a permanently installed, on-orbit test facility that is open to the entire space community, and designed to accommodate both active and passive experiments on a six-month launch/return rotation cycle.