About the MISSE Facility

Affordable, Unparalleled Access for Space Environment Technology Demonstration Testing

Instrument Validation | Material Science | Solar Cell Testing

The MISSE test platform consists of a flight facility that is permanently installed on an ISS truss and modular technology/experiment carriers.  The flight facility provides structural mounting and utility distribution to up to twelve technology/experiment carriers at a time.  The modular carriers are rotated about every six months with a new set of customer technologies.

MISSE On-Orbit: Watch a MISSE Carrier Installation and Operation
Alpha Space Founder Discussing MISSE and CASIS Partnership

MISSE offers unprecedented access to space and unparalleled technology testing capabilities at an affordable price. MISSE has a legacy of eight prior short-duration flights, all of which were integrated by Alpha Space’s current employees.  MISSE 1-8 were dedicated, material-only science missions of limited durations, ending when the samples returned to earth.  In contrast, Alpha Space’s commercial MISSE is permanently installed on ISS and accommodates active technology demonstrations (powered, data, commanding) as well as passive experiments on a consistent launch/return rotation cycle.

Types of Technologies Tested/Demonstrated on MISSE Since 2018 Installation on ISS:

  • Solar cells
  • Circuit cards
  • Textiles
  • Coatings
  • Polymers
  • 3D printer components
  • RF systems
  • Electro-Dynamic Dust Shield
  • Contamination monitor